“Can America remain model of democracy around the world?”

It’s not my question. It’s the title of Renee Earle’s opinion piece in ‘The Hill’ (15th Jan, 2021). The grammar’s bad… you can’t get good sub-editors these days. …

Feminism’s failure is a tragedy. A movement that might have brought about fundamental social change and a reconfiguration of the relationship between men and women has achieved little, and nothing by way of meaningful change.

Women have asserted their right to fill many positions from which they were excluded and…

Australia’s relationship with the US is the most important aspect of our foreign policy. The relationship between our our Prime Minister and the US President is a crucial part of that relationship.

We’re not alone.

All US Presidents are important to all Australians for the same reasons as everyone else:

#headingtoMississippi — African-Americans Need to Move to Mississippi to Create a Black State.

Louis Farrakhan’s right, African-Americans need another strategy. They need their own state.

They’ve talked. They’ve marched. They’ve rallied. They’ve sung. They’ve danced. They’ve protested. They’ve gained educations. They’ve entered politics. They’ve become successful athletes and entertainers. …

Dear Nancy,

I’ve been a fool and not recognized your brilliance and majesty.

What you’ve achieved, it’s incredible… you’re more of a leftie than I ever was… you’re the woman of my dreams!

Sorry Red Nancy, I didn’t get it. I criticized you for being just another professional politician milking…

[A] 4°C world is not the plausible worst-case, it is the expected outcome of the emissions pathway we are currently on. The worst-case version would be if the 4°C world occurred far sooner than expected. … one of the Royal Society articles, ‘When Could Global Warming Reach 4°C?’… contains this…

Ian Cook

PhD. Political scientist at Murdoch Uni for 27 years. Authored books on Australian politics & ‘The Politics of the Final Hundred Years of Humanity (2030–2130)’

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